Mark VII Expansion

Expansion for Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2

  • Expansion Requires Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2

  • Expansion Automatically Unlocked after License Refresh

  • Unlocks Sample Packs and Presets in Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2

  • No Downloads Necessary

  • Description
  • Soundcloud
  • How to Unlock
It's not that Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 doesn't have enough EPs. It's just that you can always add more. We've added the very rare Mark VII electric piano sound to add to your Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 library in the form of an expansion pack. This sound is very unique and represents the newest iteration in the sound of the classic Electromechanical EPs. The sound is more clean and refined and accentuates more of the smooth side of Neo-Soul. The sound still has bark and in the same personality as others, it is very rich and thick. And Don't worry, the same classic signature Gospel Musicians analog sound with mechanical nuances recorded are all there for you.

In order to unlock the Expansion Packs you simply go to Settings---->License and Click Refresh. Our System is automatically designed to detect your existing license and will unlock the expansion upon purchase. If there are any additional samples to download, then you can go to Downloads and download the content.