Suitcase Expansion

Expansion for Pure Synth Platinum 2

  • Expansion Requires Pure Synth® Platinum 2

  • Expansion Automatically Unlocked after License Refresh

  • Unlocks Sample Packs and Presets in Pure Synth®

  • No Downloads Necessary

  • Description
  • Soundcloud
  • How to Unlock

Bring the classic Suitcase sound to Pure Synth® Platinum in the form of an expansion. This Suitcase EP sound is what put us on the map when it comes to authentic electric piano sounds. Now we are bringing that iconic sound to you as an expansion pack for Pure Synth® Platinum (Required). We have included both of the old classic and nu suitcase sounds from our legendary Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2, so you get two of the best suitcase EP sounds inside of your Pure Synth Platinum. 

We will never replace Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2, so there will not be a full expansion for Pure Synth® due to the advanced programming and complex 6-oscillator layering of Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2, but you can enjoy the iconic and everyone’s favorite Suitcase EP sound in your Pure Synth® Platinum library.  

In order to unlock the Expansion Packs you simply go to Settings---->License and Click Refresh. Our System is automatically designed to detect your existing license and will unlock the expansion upon purchase. If there are any additional samples to download, then you can go to Downloads and download the content.