BASSalicious Ver 2 Expansion

Expansion for Pure Synth® Platinum


Receive all 351 of the factory presets from BASSAlicious Version 2 for Pure Synth Platinum. Because, we have standardized on the Pure Synth® architecture, it makes it easy to convert existing presets; as a result, we were able to faithfully reproduce the legendary sounds of BASSalicious 2 and make them available as an expansion for Pure Synth® Platinum. Now have all of the sounds of the BASSalicious 2 presets inside of your Pure Synth Platinum®

BONUS: All previous users of BASSalicious 2, will get the expansion pack for FREE. If you already purchased BASSalicious version 2 first, then you purchased Pure Synth Platinum®, you can add this expansion pack for FREE for Pure Synth Platinum®. If you sell BASSalicious 2, you will no longer receive the Expansion for Pure Synth®. Bassalicious is not a free update to Pure Synth Platinum®. Conversely, if you purchased Pure Synth Platinum®, but never purchased either BASSalicious 2 or 1, then you will have to purchase the expansion in order to get the sounds.