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Please Consider the FAQ Before Contacting

Please note that your request may be delayed if the question you are asking is already listed below in the FAQ:

1. How do I re-download or update my product(s) and/or find my serial number? 

Click Here for instructions on how to Re-Download your products.

2. How do I reset my activations?

For GM products please Click Here for instructions. For UVI/iLok Products, Click Here on instructions on how to reset your authorizations. 

3. I want to buy Jamal's Flash, but don't know how to proceed? 

Click Here for all information on Motif sounds and installation.

4. I bought my product from another vendor (VSTBuzz, AudioPlugin Deals, etc..). How do I register it, so I can download any updates?

Click Here in order to register your product with us. It is very important that you follow the instructions and enter your product and serial as per the instructions.