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iFX and GM iFX Rack Explained

When you first purchase Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2, it comes with a VST/AU version of iFX Rack, which is a separate effects plugin that works in your DAW/Sequencer. It comes with all of the effects from the VKFX effects suite, but does not include the other GM effects. 

In order to get all of the 27 effects that comes with the iFX Rack included with Neo-Soul Keys® Studio, you need to purchase the iFX Rack Expansion and you will have all 27 effects for your DAW or Sequencer. 

If you are not interested in Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 sounds and just want the effects rack, then you can purchase the GM iFX Rack as it’s own product and it will come with all of the 27 effects, which includes the VKFX and the GM effects. 

So in Summary:

  • Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 comes with iFX Rack with ONLY the VKFX effects, and the additional effects come as an expansion pack
  • GM iFX Rack Standalone comes with all of the VKFX and GM effects in one bundle. 

iFX Rack Expansion Notes

iFX Rack Expansion will not come with any downloads. When installing Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2, it already comes with the iFX Rack WITHOUT the extra effects unlocked. After you purchase the Expansion pack, our system will automagically find your Neo-Soul Keys 2 serial and unlock the expansion. If it is not unlocked, then go into Settings and License Tab and Refresh.