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Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 (VST/AU/AAX/Reason)
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Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 (VST/AU/AAX/Reason)

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  • $249.99
  • Effects and EP Library in One Plugin
  • 50 GB Library (16 GB Lossless Compression)
  • 8-New Electric Piano Sounds with 37 in Total
  • 130 EP Presets and 94 Effects Presets
  • Added 17 More Effects (27 Effects in Total)

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Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2 is the next evolution in electric piano sounds and effects from Gospel Musicians, which features a complete architecture overhaul using our Pure Synth structure and licensed VKFX effects from Overloud. Our goal with version 2 was to make an all encompassing electric piano and effects library that will complete all of your electric piano sound and digital effects needs. Don't think of Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2 as just a sample library only. Is is actually a complete EP Library and effects plugin featuring not only Overloud's VKFX library and factory presets, but 17 brand new effects that seamlessly integrates together with shared effects preset recall from within the library and plugin. The interface has a complete overhaul and designed for ease of use for novices, and extensive control for power users. Finally, we up'd the ante with 8-Brand new electric pianos that features the clean and well manicured side of your EP experience. Don't worry, we still have the dirt and grit that you liked from version 1, but now you have the ability to dial in your own grit given that each of the 6 sound slots are completely programmable, which allows you to load any sound into any slot. You even have the option to load the same sound into multiple slots for a vast amount of layering possibilities.

General Desktop Library Stats:

  • Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2 Library - Comes as Standalone/VST/AU/AAX/Reason 10+ (VST/AU Support).
  • iFX Rack (VKFX Effects Library) - Comes as VST/AU/AAX/Reason 10+ (VST/AU Support).
  • Available IAP for the rest of the 17 effects (non VKFX).
  • 50 GB (16GB Lossless Compression) Library.
  • 147 Total Sounds.
  • 37 Full Electric Piano Sounds.
  • 27 Total Effects (17 more than version 1).
  • 94 Effects Presets with the ability to load in VKFX presets as well.
  • 130 Electric Piano Presets.

8 New Electric Pianos

Our goal this time around was to represent the cleaner side of the electric piano spectrum. We know all previous versions represented the dirty side, so that is still there as well. We wanted to find rare pianos that represent different and unique nuances in sound, with the goal of extreme playability as the utmost importance. This is why many of our high end piano sounds have up to 1,000 samples, representing up to 30 velocity levels. So now you have both clean and dirty sounds in one library.

We are also used very sophisticated Spectral Isolation techniques for our mechanical effects. By using spectral synthesis, we were able to, more precisely, isolate things such as tines, dirt, hits, clunks, and other mechanical noises from the actual pianos. This way you can add as much mechanical noises and, tines as you wish:

  1. Nu Suitcase - A well tuned and manicured suitcase that represents the clean and beautiful side, with beautiful bell tine noises in the low velocities. This EP was sampled from the DI, suitcase speakers, and mic'd ambient harp. It comes in a DI and fully concatenated stereo version with all of the tonal goodness from each source.
  2. Suitcase 88 - This is another clean suitcase with a very unique and interesting tine attack. This is great for tine lovers.
  3. Nu Mark I Stage - This is a very clean and dark sounding Stage EP. The uniqueness in this piano lies its deep and rich lows with a ton of bark and expression.
  4. Dilluh Stage - Sampled from JFILT from Very Sick Beats who one of the top Neo-Soul Hip-Hop producers on YouTube. This EP is great for Hip-Hop Jazz, Neo-Soul, and that J-Dilla, Roots/Slum vibe. It is clean with well placed quarks, which makes it ideal for that dirty stuff.
  5. Nu Mark V - We updated our Mark V with a super clean and chocolate sound. The expression is deep and barks tremendously.
  6. Mark III Tines - This is for tine lovers who absolutely love the sound of tines, which is reminiscent of a Mark III EK sound.
  7. Nu Wurly - This is a well manicured, maintained, and serviced Wurly piano that can fit with any type of genre.
  8. D'Ang CP70 - There would be no soul, without the sound of recording artist D'Angelo, who often performs live on a Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand. A CP70 sample library is a rare find and could easily cost half the price of this library alone, so we sampled a well manicured and serviced version, which sounds very authentic. The sources sampled were the DI, AMP, and an XY Mic for the ambient tone. The result is a beautifully sampled version that will give you that classic D'Angelo live sound.

New UI Features:

  • Once-Click preset saving.
  • Preset and Sound Favorites.
  • Completely resizable GUI.
  • Easy to navigate controls.
  • Beautiful Hi-Res graphic images.
  • Quick Effect controls to be able to assign effects parameters to front interface.

New Sound Control Features:

  • Mega Detune - Ability to slightly detune each key group, which immediately makes each sound warmer, phatter and more realistic sounding.
  • Quick Mute and Solo for each sound for easy mixing.
  • New Sound selection that allows you to quickly scroll through sounds, search, and mark sounds as favorites.
  • Auto-Preset Sound Select - When a sound is selected, an optimal programming parameter is chosen, so you don't have to do programming each time.
  • Ability to load any sound to any slot.
  • Ability to load the same sound twice for thick stacking and detuning.
  • Global micro-tuning, transpose, octave, and velocity curve for heavy hands.
  • Random playmode option to randomly play the sounds for more realism, especially for mechanical effects.
  • Autosave function to never loose changes on a preset.
  • Range and Velocity zones with crossfading and different curve options.
  • Velocity amount control with different volume curve options.

New Effects and Features:

  • 17 New Effects.
  • Imported all factory VKFX Effects.
  • Able to read VKFX presets.
  • Ability to load and save presets from within the actual plugin, so you can choose a sound and a quick effect preset for easy sound creation.
  • FX presets are shared with standalone plugin and piano library.
  • Two new algorithmic reverbs and lush impulse reverb with tons of halls, rooms, and spaces, instead of just a Spring Reverb.
  • New Combo Amp effect.
  • New Stereo Spread effects.
  • New Sub Harmonic effect.
  • New Detuning effect.
  • New highly customizable rotary effect.
  • 11-Band EQ per sound.
  • New SVF filter per voice and full filter envelopes for sounds 1-2 for great expression.


  • Library Specs
    • Number of Presets
      130 Sounds and 94 Effects
    • Sample Library Size
      50 GB (16 GB Lossless Compression) Library
    • Number of Sounds
    • Number of Digital Effects
    • Download Size
      7.5 GB Sounds and 1.2 GB Installer
  • Software
    • iOS
    • Standalone
      Yes (Works without a DAW)
    • 64-Bit Supported
      64-Bit Only
  • Licensing
    • Internet Required
      Yes for Download and Authorization
    • Pace iLok Required
      Not Required
    • Special Notes
      Additional Purchase Required for all FX
    • Offline Activation
      Yes (Challenge Response Method)
    • Authorization Method
      Serial Number (No iLok)
    • Number of Computers
    • Dongle Requirement
  • Computer
    • Mac OSX
      OSX 10.11+ (Does Work with Big Sur)
    • Windows OS
      Windows 7 or Higher (64-Bit Only)
    • Hardrive
      SSD Required for Streaming
    • Processor
      i7 or Higher
    • RAM
      16 GB or Higher
  • Digital Audio Workstation
    • REASON
      Yes (VST and AU)
    • Apple Logic X
    • GarageBand
    • Mainstage
    • ProTools
    • FL Studio
    • Cubase
    • Ableton Live
    • Studio One
    • Digital Performer
    • Sonar
    • Reaper
  • Computer Skill Level
    • Not a Novice
      Not for Novices in Music Technology
  • Digital Download
    • Internet Connection
      Needed for Download
    • Speed
    • Compression Software
      Our Own Compression
  • Policy
    • Refunds
      No Refunds
    • Re-Downloads

Nu EP Demos

Full Track Demos

Version 1 Demos

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