BASSalicious 2 Synth Bass Module

There is No Download!

In lieu of Pure Synth Platinum FREE Player, BASSalicious can now be opened within the FREE Player instead of a dedicated plugin. The benefit is that now you have only one UI and plugin for all of your libraries. You also now can mix all of the other Pure Synth Sounds with the BASSalicious for one massive soundscape. 

Instructions Below:

  1. Download Pure Synth® FREE Player and install it.
  2. If you already purchased the BASSalicious v2 plugin, then login to your account and you will get the BASSalicious Version 1 and Version 2 Expansions for FREE. Purchase the FREE update as you would normally.
  3. Use the Pure Synth® Serial and unlock the BASSalicious Version 1 and 2 Expansions inside of Pure Synth®
  4. You may need to update Pure Synth® to the newest version if your version 2.5.4+ if your version is old.

FULL Video Tutorial

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How to Unlock Expansion