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Apogee Symphony Desktop - Pro Audio

Brand: Apogee

Compatible Devices: Personal Computer

Connectivity Technology: USB

Number of Channels: 10

Item Weight: 1.85 Pounds

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About this item 

  • FLAGSHIP SOUND QUALITY: Get the sound of Symphony Mk ii right on your desk with our legendary A/D and D/A conversion that delivers ultra-low distortion and provides a transparent window into the sonic landscape of your mix and recordings. 
  • INTUITIVE TOUCH SCREEN: Hands-on processing with Symphony’s touch screen that allows you to dial in your perfect setting. 
  • POWERFUL MIC PREAMPS: Symphony Desktop’s preamps provide up to 75dB of clean gain. 
  • 2 VINTAGE MIC EMULATIONS: Choose between a Neve 1066 or Ampex 601 mic preamp that combines analog circuitry and DSP processing to create the richest and most authentic preamp modeling. 
  • INCLUDES 6 HARDWARE DSP PLUGINS: Symphony ECS Channel Strip, Pultec EQP-1A & Pultec MEQ-5, Opto-3A, ModEQ 6, and ModComp. 
  • INCLUDES 2 NATIVE PLUGINS: Symphony ECS Channel Strip & Clearmountain’s Spaces. 
  • NO NEED TO SWITCH WINDOWS: With DualPath Monitoring you can control everything when it comes to recording right from your DAW. There's no need to bounce between multiple windows to ensure your sound and settings are the same.


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