MIDIculous Live! PRO Subscription
Unlimited Peer-to-Peer virtual music lessons with live Video, Audio and MIDI over the internet. Record session and create LMV lessons for your students.

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  • Unlimited Peer-to-Peer Music Lessons

  • Unlimited hours for lessons

  • Virtual Video and Audio Conferencing

  • Live MIDI over the Internet allowing for virtual MIDI and note sharing between teacher and student

  • Requires MIDIculous FREE Player

  • Multiple Camera Inputs (Pro Feature)

  • Ability to record lessons locally (Pro Feature)

Unlock the amazing ability to have low latency one-on-one live lessons with video, audio, and MIDI. You will be able to see the MIDI from your student and the student can see the MIDI from the teacher in different colors. The key is that our app makes a direct connection between you and the student, without having to go through extra servers or other devices that could slow down the connection. This is a one-to-one dedicated connection between you and the student, which makes the latency very low. Now, with minimal amount of effort, you can now start your own online virtual music school online in the comfort of your home.