FM TiNES Expansion

Expansion Pack for Pure Synth Platinum®

  • Same Exact Library as our original FM TiNES

  • Unlock FM TiNES Inside of Pure Synth®

  • Existing Pure Synth® and FM TiNES Owners can unlock for FREE! Crossgrade is automatic, when logged-in.

Video Sound Demos

Add the most exhaustive FM, Dyno, Crystal, Tine, Bell, and electric piano library ever created to your Pure Synth® Platinum in the form of an expansion pack. Our new expansion packs allow you to add all of the sounds of the new FM TiNES, which is packed with 30GB of only electric pianos, bells and pads. Never before has there been such a huge library dedicated to the most beautiful sounds you've ever heard. Now, it's available as an expansion pack for Pure Synth®.