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Pure Synth® Platinum and Pure Sine 2 (VST/AU/AAX)
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Pure Synth® Platinum and Pure Sine 2 (VST/AU/AAX)

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We spent the last year building our own complete synth and sampler infrastructure from the ground up. All of the things you asked for in the first version of Pure Synth Platinum are now available in this version. Think of Pure Synth as your software version of your hardware rompler. It's not an EDM machine. It is a full blown rompler with electronic AND acoustic instruments. The detail we spent on the warmth, quality, presets, functions, and usability is amazing. This is the synth you have always dreamed of and the sounds are absolutely incredible.

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Platinum Highlights:

  • New streaming and synthesis architecture
  • 1,000 Brand New Sounds and 21,619 Samples
  • 108 Warm Wavetables
  • 650 High Quality Presets
  • Pure Sine Built-In with incredibly new presets
  • BASSalicious - Many custom presets from this library
  • A completely overhauled easy to use modulation system.
  • New and flexible preset system with quick saving and recall
  • 20 Brand new state of the art digital effects. 
  • Specific CPU Optimizations especially for Logic and Mainstage
  • JP-like Detune for samples and synths

Sound Highlights:

  • Pianos: Very warm realistic pianos with a custom release playmode that decays and releases like a real piano. A KYBRD option was added to increase the decay faster in upper registers.
  • Electric Pianos - A version of Neo-Soul Suitcase with the classic infinite sustain that you hear on many Neo-Soul records is included.
  • OB and Synth Horns - A glut of OB style synths notwithstanding the pads, strings, and a plethora of OB horn emulations that sound warm and rich.
  • Pure Sine - The classic urban sine wave leads, subs, and layered stacks.
  • Worship Pads - Very usable and classic warm pads that are almost all connected to the mod wheel for real-time filter adjustments.
  • Orchestral Strings - Very realistic and lush sounding strings.
  • BASSalicious - It's no secret that Gospel Musicians are synth bass fanatics, so they've included a ton of synth bass patches.
  • Vox - Boys and girls choirs and jazz phrase and scats.

Sample Library Statistics:

  • OS: Windows 7+ / OS X 10.8+ (64-Bit Only).
  • Format: VST/AU/AAX/Standalone.
  • 1,000 Sounds.
  • 21619 Samples.
  • 650 Presets.
  • 6.0GB Sample Size (8.11 GB Uncompressed).
  • 108 custom wavetables recreated from analog sources.
  • 44kHz/16-bit Dithered from 88kHz/24-bit.
  • 20 High Quality Digital Effects, including the full VKFX Suite from Overloud.
  • Easy serial number authorization.

New in This Version:

  • New easier and flexible Preset System with Fast search, loading, and saving.
  • New Lightening Fast Loading Streaming Engine with Custom Lossless format for better streaming.
  • Better CPU Optimization (Especially for Mainstage and Logic ProX).
  • Brand New optimized and better quality sample-set sampled through high quality analog gear.
  • Warm Wavetable Technology
    • Custom wavetable algorithm to keep waveforms warm and analog sounding, rather than the typical thin sounding wavetable when mapped across the entire key range.
  • Modulation System with an easy right+click modulator assignment schema. You can assign virtually any parameter to an LFO, Envelope, or Modwheel.
  • A VA circuit modeled State Variable Filter, giving a warm analog sound.
  • Ability to Ctrl+Click and select multiple oscillators in which to edit.
  • JP-8000 Supersaw Unison/Detune with blend option to be able to blend between regular and JP-Like detuning
    • Powered Scale Option - Scales the detuning in a unique way. By default the voices are spread in cents linearly, but if you enable powered detuning it groups them a little closer around the base frequency. The powered scale option is closer to the Roland SuperSaw behavior and the default is closer to other soft synths.
    • The Blend Option allows you to blend between classic mode and JP SuperSaw mode.
  • Brand New FX System
    • Dynamically and Graphically position FX signal flow in virtual racks.
    • Separate Oscillator FX sends for Reverb and Insert FX.
    • Featuring Overloud's VKFX Suite.
    • New Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb.
    • New Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb.
    • New Soft Master Limiter with Tube Saturation.
    • New Stereo Spread/Widener with Safe Bass Multi-Mode Settings.
    • Custom Impulse Responses taken from high quality reverbs:
      • ASR-10/DP4 from the Ensoniq hardware.
      • EMT-44 Delay.
      • Lexicon 200 Digital Reverb.
      • Lexicon 480X Digital Reverb.
      • Lexicon PCX900.
      • NBA.
      • Roland DEP3 Echo.
      • Roland RE201.
      • Rare Spring.
    • Large HD View and the ability to resize.


  • Library Specs
    • Number of Presets
    • Sample Library Size
      6.0 GB Sample Size (8.11 GB Uncompressed)
    • Number of Sounds
    • Number of Digital Effects
    • Download Size
      6.0 GB
  • Software
    • Required Software
      None (Standalone)
    • Standalone
      Works without a DAW
    • Supported Technology
      AU, VST, AAX, Stand-Alone
    • 64-Bit Supported
      64-Bit ONLY!
    • Not Compatible With
      Reason VST
  • Licensing
    • Internet Required
      Yes (for Download and Authorization)
    • Pace iLok Required
    • Offline Activation
      Yes (Challenge Response Method)
    • Special Notes
      Requires Ethernet adapter
    • Authorization Company
      Gospel Musicians
    • Authorization Method
      Serial Number/License Key
    • Number of Computers
      2 Authorizations
    • Dongle Requirement
      No Dongle or iLok Required!
  • Computer
    • Screen Resolution
      Greater Than 1000 x 750
    • Mac OSX
      OSX 10.11+ (Does Work with Big Sur)
    • Windows OS
      Windows 7/8 of Higher (64-Bit Only)
    • Hardrive
      SSD Required for Streaming
    • Processor
      Intel i5 or Higher
    • RAM
      8GB or Higher
  • Digital Audio Workstation
    • REASON
      Yes (VST and AU)
    • Apple Logic X
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • GarageBand
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • Mainstage
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • ProTools
      Version 12+ (64-Bit Only)
    • FL Studio
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • Cubase
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • Ableton Live
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • Studio One
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • Digital Performer
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • Sonar
      Yes (64-bit Only)
    • Reaper
      Yes (64-bit Only)
  • Computer Skill Level
    • Not a Novice
      Not a Novice in Computers or Music Technology
  • Digital Download
    • Internet Connection
      High Speed Required
    • Speed
      Requires 20MB/s or Higher
    • Download Time
      48-Hour Download Limit
    • Compression Software
      Requires Keka (Mac) | WinRar (Windows)
  • Policy
    • Refunds
      Non Refundable
    • Re-Downloads

Sound Demo 1


Sound Demo 2


Sound Demo 3

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