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Yamaha Motif/Montage/MOX Details

Here are step-by-step instructions on the Jamal’s Flash and what is all needed:

  • Step 1: Go to Click Here and purchase Jamal’s Flash Sounds. It’ll come as a digital download link on your invoice. You can only get the sounds as a digital download.
  • Step 2: You will need to purchase the 1GB or 512MB Flash Drive. If you are interested in Jamal’s Flash, then please note that it requires the FULL 1GB Flash drive.
    • You can do a Google search and find so many vendors online - CLICK HERE
    • We do not provide the service of automatically installing the sounds in the Flash anymore.
    • Also a thumb “flash” drive will not work. You need the official Yamaha 1GB or 512MB Flash RAM as you cannot play sounds from a USB Thumb Drive. It’s too slow and not made for playing sounds from.
    • For the XS, you need to purchase the older RAM from eBay or another vendor.
    • We do not support the ES anymore.
  • Step 3: You will need either a Thumb Drive or an external USB drive in order to transfer the sounds from your computer to your keyboard
  • Step 4: Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install the sounds in either board:



  1. We don’t offer any refunds after purchasing for obvious reasons. 
  2. You need the 1GB Flash for Jamal’s Flash and it takes up the entire flash, because of how much stuff is in there.



The Motif XF has a Performance Mode and a Voice Mode. The MODX only has a Performance mode. As a result the MODXMONTAGE treats Performance and Voice Data as two separate things. So when you load Jamal’s Flash you can choose between the Performances with the beats and stacks, or the Voice Data, but you can’t load them both at the same time. 

That is a restriction on the Montage and MODX. You see on the Motif XF, you could load an ALL file that loads both Performance Data (where the click tracks are stored) and Voice data. But on the Montage EVERYTHING is Performance, so the Montage breaks them up into separate entities—-Performance  and Voice. You can load the Performance stuff, but you can’t load both.  If you tried to load both, then it would try to re-load all of the samples and you would quickly run out of RAM.


The Jamal's Flash does not include the Power Grand or the Jazz Grand



We no longer support the Yamaha ES. This means we will not help you as far as any technical support concerning the Yamaha Motif ES. The technology is too old to support. If you are tech savvy enough to do the research and figure it out, then you are welcome to purchase, but we will not support it, neither are there any refunds for purchaing it for your ES.