Urban Drumming Techniques

The Ultimate Urban Drumming Instructional Video

  • For Beginners

  • Multi-Angle Drum View

  • Digital Downloads Only

Urban Drumming Techniques, featuring JLaToiya is an amazing drumming DVD that focuses on the beginner. If you already have been playing drums for a few years. We take our time to show you the most powerful licks, tricks and techniques as it relates to all forms of urban music such as: neo-soul, gospel, slow R&B, funk, and some jazz. Rather than just playing along with tracks, you get the benefit of a full band, where we can slow down the movements and really take our time to teach, while not being restricted to a set click track.

Because JLaToiya is an experienced drummer and has played for many popular artists, she has an amazing command of industry techniques, tricks, equipment, and how to land a gig. We go over equipment, playing techniques, and even drills to do to increase your timing and dexterity.

Urban Drumming Techniques is a full fledged urban instructional DVD that does not just focus on chops, but feel and placement. The best thing is that it is geared towards the beginning drummer.