8-Bit Expansion

Expansion for Pure Synth Platinum 2

  • Expansion Requires Pure Synth® Platinum 2

  • Expansion Automatically Unlocked after License Refresh

  • Unlocks Sample Packs and Presets in Pure Synth®

  • No Downloads Necessary

  • Description
  • Soundcloud
  • How to Unlock

Pure Synth® 8-Bit represents a sneak peak into the amazing programming, modulation, and synthesis features in Pure Synth® Platinum, while at the same time giving you the classic arcade sounds of the golden era in video game technology. From pac-man, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Frogger, we faithfully recreated those classic “chiptune” sounds from those iconic game consoles. 

With 4-oscillators, unlimited modulation assignments, and delay functions, our Pure Synth can, essentially, act as a 8-track sequencer. In fact, 99% of the entire library is Pure Synthesis by using wavetable and analog oscillator technology. Finally, our Degrade bit crusher effect is responsible for emulating an amazing representation of the legendary 8-bit sound that is indicative of the sound sources of that era.

In order to unlock the Expansion Packs you simply go to Settings---->License and Click Refresh. Our System is automatically designed to detect your existing license and will unlock the expansion upon purchase. If there are any additional samples to download, then you can go to Downloads and download the content.