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AU Host

VST Host

AAX Host

DAW Plugin

Learn from Media Files

You can change the pitch, speed, key fo virtually any popular media file, in order to learn from the thousands of FREE files available on the internet. Search the internet for thousands of FREE MIDI files and desipher, learn, and rip chords, riffs, and runs from your favavorite artist. Grab any audio or Video file and slow-down, speed up, and change the pitch with unlimited looping points. 


Load Multi-Channel MIDI

 Automatically Load Key 

Change Speed and Key

Show Score and Chords


Load .wav, .aif, .mp3

Change pitch and formant

Set key of audio file

Use advanced algorithms


Load .mp4, .m4v, HEVC files

Change pitch and formant

Slow-Down Video to learn

Different video view options

HQ Virtual Intrumentz

Score and Chord View

Detach and display hi-res virtual views with support for enharmonics, and accidentals. You can resize to any size and recolor the fore and backgrounds to any color. Vector coding allows clean pixels

Display Live Video Lessons Online

Use Ecamm wired into Zoom in order to display the screen of the virtual keyboard, score, and chord names to your students on the other side of Zoom. Use the PIP function in Ecamm in order to display all widgets to your students. MIDIculous Pro can detach and resize all virtual displays for easy ergonomics.

Use Ecamm’s Virtual Cam Option

Use Ecamm as a virtual cam and pipe the video into Zoom. The student will be able to see all of the animations live. Add another overhead camera to display your fingers as well. 

What’s New in Version 4

New Plugin Manager

New Plugin manger allows for better management of plugins. You can scan only the newest plugins and disable failed plugins as well. We support preset loading on some plugins as well

Import Multiple MIDI Files

For the Pro Version, you can create LMS files from dragging in multiple MIDI files and MIDIculous will seperate the tracks automatically. 

Enhanced Split Key Options

Added three different enhanced split key modes. Now you can split key colors by MIDI channels to fully display the left and right hand nomenclatures. 

Enharmonic/Theoretical Key

We implemented an Intelligent algorithme in order to calculate enharmonic change so that if in the key of Gb you have a Bminor chord that it doesnt display it as Cb minor

Sharps and Accidentals

When choosing the key signature, the chord names and score will follow the key signature. So keys like Fb and B# will be correctly recognized and supported. 

Dedicated MIDIN

We added a dedicated MIDI in channel that controls the MIDI input seperate from the MIDI File player. This allows you to control your input without affecting the MIDI player channels. 

Virtual Animations

High resolution display of virtual keyboard with Key lights, note names, pitch wheel, mod wheel, and sustain pedal animations. You can program and MIDI learn Soft and Sostenuto peal animations for teachers who want to illistrate every aspect of piano learning. 48, 61, and 88 key versions available. 

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