• 51 GB Sound Library (20 GB on Disk)

  • 85 High Quality Stacked Presets.

  • 362 Individual Sounds

  • Layer and Stack Up to 8-Sounds

  • Host your own plugins and FX
  • Mix in your own plugins and effects

  • Dedicated Graphical Split Mode


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Interface Overview
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Absolutely the #1 live performance, gigging, bread and butter virtual instrument. The instrument is packed full of the best sounding pianos, pads, strings, synths, brass, and of course an exhaustively sampled MKS module. Along with that we added the ability to load in your own effects and sound plugins to stack with our amazing sounds. In addition, all plugins and our sounds can be run through our effects and synthesis, which makes for the most amazing live gigging module ever created!

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New Features

MKSensation Xtreme is a live gigging module with all of the bread and butter sounds any urban musician could ever need, with an emphasis on the nostalgic MKS-20 piano module sounds. With a live gigging mode, the ability to layer sounds, a dedicated split key mode, and a ton of high quality sounds, this will be the only module you'll ever need. It's like having 20 modules full of nothing but the most used bread and butter sounds at your disposal.

Our #1 Best Selling Product of All Time

There is a reason why gospel, urban, and other musicians love these sounds so much. This is by far our best product to date and many musicians call it a game changer. 

Important Specifications

Made for Live Cats

We literally put together the best live gigging sounds in one module. From Bass, horns, pianos, EPs, and of course the classic MKS Sounds; this module is all that a musician would ever need for live gig or studio work.

Layer and Stack

You can stack up to 8-layers of sounds for on massive phat sound, or use our velocity switching, key zones, and split feature to create an intricate texture of moving sounds that react to your playing in a very dynamic way.

Windows and Mac

All of our sounds are available for the Mac OSX 10.12+ and Windows 7+. They are also available on iOS, but this is a separate purchase on the Appstore.

M1 Optimized

All of our sounds are also available for the new M1 Macs natively, so no need for running in Rosetta mode. Our sounds are CPU optimized for the M1 Macs for maximum performance.

Live VST/AU Hosting

Layer all of our own sounds and effects with your own plugins. Use our own AMP, Filter, Control, and Effects system applied to your plugins. Use the velocity faders, splits, and zones to control all of your plugins. Replace your Mainstage with just one plugin.

High Quality Streaming

We spent 2-years optimizing our streaming engine for low RAM consumption and fast loading. Most of our sounds will load less than a second, even if the sound is over 2GB in size.

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

Why is This Version Better than Version 1?
  • Far superior sounds and quality

  • 350 More Sounds

  • 70 More New Presets

  • 20 or more effects

  • Over 100 New controls

  • New Live Mode

  • Better Preset System

  • Ability to load plugins

  • Ability to Load effects

  • Better cpu and streaming



For testing, we have created an instrument track Logic Pro X, with Pure Synth (M1 native), using the NO MORE DARK preset. The track is playing a chord with 6 notes. We can duplicate that track 116 times, and play all 116 tracks at the same time without dropouts. That's almost 700 notes of polyphony using a 16" MacBook Pro model with 8 performance and 2 efficiency cores.

Stacking and Layering

The entire purpose of MKS X is to stack  and layer sounds. We provide up to 8-sounds per preset, so stacking and layering sounds is paramount. Mute, Unmute, and volume control any layer with MIDI learnable assignments on virtually any parameter.

Dedicated Split

Easily add seamless splits, zones and regions for the most beautiful left hand bass and right hand keys. Or put a nice pad or string sound in the left and add a nice sine or saw lead in the right. Remember you have up to 8-sounds so each layer can be stacked as much as you wish. 

Dedicated Live Set Mode

Use the Live-Set Buttons to be able to load in different presets and launch the preset from the quick pads. We have increased the loading time to seconds and you are able to send a patch control change to switch between presets from your keyboard. You can also use patch control to select banks of live sets automatically from your keyboard for the ultimate life experience. 

Load in Your Own Plugins and Effects

Not only do you have the ability to load your own virtual instruments, but you can also load your own sound effects into the effects bank sound slots. So not only do you have our high quality sounds to use, but you can mix and match your own favorite plugin virtual instruments and effects for a huge soundscape that will never get old. 

New Features Just Added

Virtual Effects Hosting

You can now host virtual instruments and effects.

Use Our Synthesis With Your Plugin

Use our synthesis to control your plugin

Select Multiple Faders

Hold CTRL and select multiple faders at one time to control

Disable Sustain and Pitch

For split sounds, now you can disable the sustain, mod wheel, and pitch wheel. 

200+ Features

Over 200 or so features!

Sold Separately on the AppStore

Experience the same sounds, presets, and samples on your iPad or iPhone device. You can save sample space by storing samples on your external SSD or Thumb drive and experience ultra fast sample loading. Our iOS apps have the same user experience as the desktop. 

  • 28 GB Samples (12 GB Lossless)
  • AUv3 Compatible
  • External hardrive storage and sample streaming

  • 5-Insert effects per sound, global and a master effects with dedicated sends for all

Customer reviews

Here from Our Amazing Musicians


The MKSensation Xtreme is a continuation of our famous MKSensation plugin library. At it’s core it represents the highest quality and the most accurate sampled representation of the classic MKS-20 piano module. You see, coming from a gospel musicians background this MKS sound is a staple of the gospel sound and has been featured in some of the top gospel albums throughout the years. For years you would see gospel musician’s rack filled with the MKS-20 module and a ton of other vintage racks such as the JV-Series, Motifs, and other auxiliary brass, strings, and bell sounds. This would create a complex and massive MIDI setup of the thickest stacked sounds imaginable with the ability to control the levels of each on the fly for a very fluid and dynamic concert experience with minimal sound switching, because the layers can be easily controlled with one or two controllers. So what we did was recreate this entire experience in one plugin to replace decades of modules.  

Bonus P-330 Sounds

A little known secret is that many gospel musicians who thought they were listening to a record containing the classic MKS Piano 1 sound, were actually hearing the P-330 piano sounds. For the most part, the MKS’s sounds are more richer and thicker than the P330, with an odd exception of the Piano 1 sound. The P330 Piano sounds cut through the mix a lot better than the MKS and to our ears, was a tad bit thicker and vintage sounding. So as an added bonus, not only do we include two different versions of the MKS sounds sampled using different Mic Pres for different flavors, we have also included an amazingly accurate version of the P330 Piano 1 and Piano 2 sounds as well. 


The presets we created are unapologetically gospel and urban in nature—representing all of the classic stacks of a gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, and live band arrangement sounds one could ever need. We have created the most incredible stacks with a ton of mod wheel filter cutoff with pads and strings. We have also not forgotten about the Tine lovers, so we created a ton of layered EPs that would never be possible without a ton of hardware racks. For example, try mixing a JD Crystal EP, an MKS-EP 2 Chorus, an FM TX816 with a warm pad. You would need a ton of hardware to do this, but our MKSensation has all of the emulations of the hardware in one plugin. 


  • 51 GB Library Size ( 20GB Lossless Compression)
  • 23,419 Samples
  • 362 Sampled Sounds
  • 21 Analog Modeled Wavetables
  • 14 Analog VA Waveforms
  • 74 Presets
  • 26 High Quality Effects Featuring Overloud’s VKFX


  • Ability to Load Plugins in place of Sound Slots
  • 8-Fully independent Sound Sources with their own independent (AMP, Filter, LFO, Mod, and effects)
  • Seamless Sound Switching
  • Two versions of Power Grand
  • Live-Set Mode with MIDI CC Program Change
  • Dedicated Mute and Solo on the buttons
  • Dedicated Split Screen
  • Quick Control functions for easy access of important parameters
  • All knobs, sliders, and buttons are MIDI Learnable
  • Two different MIDI CC Program Change modes for quickly switching to presets via your controller 
  • Low CPU 8-Layers = 20%
  • 2-Second max load times per set. 
  • Ability to Receive on Separate MIDI channels per sound for multi-timbral stacks and layers
  • Global Mictotune, Transpose, Octave, and Velocity Curve. 
  • Dedicated large volume sliders on front of interface. 
  • Ability to Copy/Paste Single or All parameters across sound-sources

Sound Highlights

  • Sampled with the Chorus Maxed for EP1 and EP2 (Only) for the richest version of sound. 
  • Main MKS Keys contain 16-Velocity layers
  • Two versions of the main MKS sounds sampled using different Preamps for different character choices
  • Manually boosted the Chorus to the highest level for EP 1 and EP 2 for the Max amount of chorused sound
  • P330 Piano 1 and Piano 2
  • Amazing CP70 Grand from Neo-Soul Keys®
  • Prophy Brass from the original Motif
  • Added Famous Orchestra Hits
  • The best synths, brass, and poly synths
  • Classic FM Crystal and Dyno EPs
  • Added high quality acoustic and synth bass
  • Mushy and Silky string and pad sounds
  • Old school MIDI and LA Grand sounds


  • 26 High quality effects, featuring Overloud’s™ full VKFX Virtual Analog Effects Suite
  • Drag and move an effects rack to change the chain
  • 5 Insert effects per sound (8-sound sources)
  • Ability to Copy/Paste Effects across different sounds. 
  • Dedicated Global and Master Effects
  • Dedicated Insert and Global Send sliders on front interface. 
  • Warm vintage analog and wavetable sounds featuring JP-Like Unison function
  • Featured Effects:
    • Custom Master Limiter with Soft Clipping
    • Dimension D-like Chorus
    • FantasyVerb featuring the Classic DP4/ASR-10 Reverb
    • Vintage sounding Rotary Speaker simulation with advanced editing

Preset Functions

  • Easy preset system with graphical expansion pack options
  • Resizable window
  • Search Function
  • Ability to edit, rename, and delete Banks and Presets from interface, without having to access the OS File System
  • Add to Favorites feature
  • Ability to Export preset to share with friends
  • Autosave function automatically saves your work and stores it by date so you never loose an edit.

What You Get

Library Size:

51 GB Library Size ( 20GB Lossless Compression)


362 Sounds; 23,419 Samples, 85 Presets, 35 Analog Waves, 26 Digital Effects. 

Sample Resolution:

44 kHz/24-Bit Recorded at 88.2 kHz


3-Activations Per License; Requires Internet to Activate; Ability to Reset License through Manager

**This is not an iLok product, so please do not try to register via iLok. It is a normal serial registration.

Kontakt/UVI Players

This app does not use Kontakt, UVI or any other type of player system. We use our own custom system in which to install and download samples.

High Speed Internet

High Speed internet greater than 300MB/s required. Wi-Fi Hot spots or hubs will not work.

System Requirements

    • Runs in Standalone and/or VST/AU/AAX
    • Hosts Windows VST Only and Mac AU Only (Dows not support hosting Mac VST Hosting)
    • Does not use iLok and No iLok Authorization Used
    • Internet connection for the license activation
    • Supported Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.12+ / Windows 10+
    • Mac M1 Native Support
    • Solid State Drive (SSD) Required
    • 16 GB RAM or Higher Required
    • i7 Processor or Higher Required
    • iOS App Sold Separately


      Supported Plugin Formats:

      Audio Units, VST, AAX, Standalone

      iOS AppStore Compatibility:

      Sold Separately on the iOS AppStore

      Tested DAW Compatibility:

      Digital Performer 8+, Pro Tools 11+, Logic Pro X 10.5+, Mainstage 3+, Cubase 7+, Ableton Live 10+, Studio One 2+, Garage Band 6+, Reaper 4+, Reason 9.5+, FL Studio, Reaper 4+, Machine.

      Skill Level Required:

      Our software is not for novices in music and computer technology. This software assumes that you know how to extract zip files, know where your downloads folder resides, understands how to connect MIDI, and Audio. Prior VST/AU plugin knowledge is required. 

      Download User Manual

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is this product shipped or is it digital download?

      All of our products are digital downloadable and are processed immediately upon purchase. You will receive serials, download links, and detailed video instructions on how to install. 

      How many computers can I activate at one time?

      You can activate up to three computers at one time per one user. Please remember that virtual machines count towards an activation. You can always login to your profile and deactivate your activations. 

      If I purchase the desktop, will I get the iOS for FREE?

      Unfortunately, there is no connection between the online store and the iOS store. If you want the iOS version, then you will need to purchase that separately. 

      What is your return policy?

      Due to the nature of the product, we cannot offer satisfaction refunds, due to the plethora of video demos of the sounds. We do, however, offer refunds if you just can't get the product running on your system.

      Is your software compatible with M1 natively?

      Our software is delivered as universal installer, which means that both the Intel and M1 code is in one installer. So YES, our software does have native M1 code and is optimized to take advantage of the M1 Chip.

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