Installation Support


All of our libraries, except for JFlash, are in the XF format. The Montage and MODX are fully compatible with the XF, MOXF, and XS libraries. There are just a few caviates to consider when loading XF Libraries into the Montage. 

  • Montage/MODX Import
  • Loading Libraries in XF
  • Jamal's Flash Notes
  • Motif ES Support

Load Motif XF Libraries into Montage/MODX

Here is a Video demonstrating how to load the XF Libraries into the Montage/MODX.

The issue with our library is that we load our Voices in User Bank 3 on the XF, because most people have custom user voices on User Banks 1-2 and they don’t want to overwrite, so out of consideration we use User Bank 3. 

On the Montage/MODX, when you select our Library it may look as if it may not show up, but you need to keep scrolling all the way down using the Arrows at the Bottom Right in order to skip past User Banks 1-2 and get to the Library sounds. 

Below is an example of loading the Neo-Soul Keys Library into the Montage. You can see if you keep scrolling down, then the presets will show up. 

Loading Two or Three Libraries Yamaha Motif XF:

One of the Benefits of us using the .All format, was that it can be broken down into it's sub-parts. The issue is that you are trying to load the ALL type and it is overwriting the entire Voice set. Try loading just the bank or even loading a voice at a time. 

You do this by selecting the jFlash and then selecting the right arrow key. Now you can choose to load a bank of voices and choose which user bank to load it. It will automatically load the samples with it. 

Example below shows loading a voice bank into the XF

Example below shows how you can load one voice at a time

Montage/MODX Exceptions to Jamal’s Flash

The Yamaha Motif XS, XF, and MOXF lines have a voice mode for playing voices and a performance mode for playing Performances which consists of stacks, layers, and Arp beats. Jamal’s Flash has both Performance Data and Voice Data. But the MONTAGE and MODX structure is only one big performance and for some reason it handles the XF Performance and Voice mode as separate libraries; as a result, you are not able to load both at the same time. There is no easy way or easy editors to change this. 

So you will have to only load either Performance or Voice data. 

We do not offer technical support for the ES, because it’s too difficult to get working with today’s technology. We posted this on the website (See attached). There were some customers that begged us to put it on for the ES, so we did reluctantly, but we do not support the ES for the following reasons:

1. The load times on the ES are extraordinarily long. It can take up to 30 minutes to load

2. The ES does not support USB hard rives above 320GB, which those are very hard to find now

3. The ES doesn’t support Thumb drives that are greater than 2GB, which are increasingly hard to find

4. The ES requires a format of FAT16, which is very hard for a computer to do. You must format it on the ES

4. The memory for the ES is extremely hard to find and rare. 

If you can conquer the hurdles above, you can get it working. We are sorry, but this is all of the support we are able to offer you as per the notice on the product. 

The only product we have for the ES is the MKSensation.