All AcousticsampleS Pianos

Sounds for the XS/XF/MOXF/Montage/MODX

  • Organic and Jazzy Sounding Pianos

  • 16 High Quality Presets

  • Key Release Mechanical Noises

  • Works with Montage/MODX

  • Each piano requires 300MB RAM or FLASH

  • Digital Download Only

  • For Yamaha Keyboards ONLY


You already know how we are at Gospel Musicians: We like our instruments to sound authentic, organic, realistic, and with a ton of dirt. This is your classic jazz and no-soul piano that you hear on old school hip-hop and jazz records. If you are looking for some new piano inspiration for your Motif, then finally we are able to partner with AcousticsampleS to bring to you the absolute best piano sounds for the Yamaha Motif keyboards. As with all of Gospel Musicians instruments, we pride ourselves on bringing sounds that are ultra realistic and with a ton of character. 

From the Developers:

"Everybody keeps on sampling the best and cleanest piano ever! Here is a completely different approach. We sampled an old Pleyel Grand Piano (F-71240 model from 1928) with vintage gear like a studer console and tube microphones, it has the rich and warm sound of the old jazz/blues or even classical music recordings."

Sound Features:

  • Full Samples with natural decays (No Loops)
  • Release Samples
  • Resonance effects when sustain pedal is pressed
  • 4-Layer Rich samples
  • Fits on 512MB Flash or RAM