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The #1 Hybrid Bass Synth Library

BASSalicious is a virtual analog and wavetable synthesizer with high quality streaming samples. This hybrid bass synth can recreate any synth bass sound imaginable as well as very high quality acoustic and electric bass emulations. The secret lies in our analog modeling synth and filters that creates an ultra analog sound that is organic and punchy as heck. We even created our own Phat Table™ technology that is a custom solution for making wavetables sound bigger and phatter and with 4-oscillators to stack, this wil be your #1 go-to synthesizer.

What's going on  with BASSalicious?

We have now consolidated BASSalicious into Pure Synth® FREE Player. Instead of having a bunch of different UIs, now all of our Pure Synth® synthesizers will be unlocked from within Pure Synth® FREE Player. This allows for stacking and layering of different libraries into one universal plugin within a unified super synth.

Important Specifications

Every BASS Imaginable

We literally went through all of our vintage wavetable, analog, and sample based synths and picked out all of the best waves and bass sounds and put them into one expansion pack.

Layer and Stack

You can stack up to 4-layers of sounds for a massive Bass stack, along with custom velocity crossfades and custom key ranges in order to completely sculpt your own sound.

Windows and Mac

All of our sounds are available for the Mac OSX 10.12+ and Windows 7+. They are also available on iOS, but this is a separate purchase on the Appstore.

M1 Optimized

All of our sounds are also available for the new M1 Macs natively, so no need for running in Rosetta mode. Our sounds are CPU optimized for the M1 Macs for maximum performance.

All Major DAWs

All of our sounds will run in all major DAWs: Logic Pro X, Mainstage, Abelton Live, Reason VST, Studio One, Machine, Reaper, Digital Performer, and many others.

High Quality Streaming

We spent 2-years optimizing our streaming engine for low RAM consumption and fast loading. Most of our sounds will load less than a second, even if the sound is over 2GB in size.

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If you don't know anything about us, know this one thing: We hate sounds that don't sound like the radio. We made sure that this plugin sounds like the radio and that it had the same warmth and analog feel as the hardware. This was no easy task, so we were forced to create our own Phat Tables™ synthesis type of oscillator that would thick and warm. We believe BASSalicious can stand up to even the best synth bass software as well as hardware.



For testing, we have created an instrument track Logic Pro X, with Pure Synth (M1 native), using the NO MORE DARK preset. The track is playing a chord with 6 notes. We can duplicate that track 116 times, and play all 116 tracks at the same time without dropouts. That's almost 700 notes of polyphony using a 16" MacBook Pro model with 8 performance and 2 efficiency cores.

From the Original Hardware Source

We've sampled the actual hardware using high quality converters that are very transparent thus to keep the original sound and feel of the actual units. And yes, we must confess, we did use some of our secret sauce when it comes to preamps and analog gear to phatten things up even more, but we kept the core essence of the sound. 

If you know anything about any synth bass plugin, you know that one of the most important feature is the FILTER section. We spent considerable amount of time modeling our filter section to match the responses and "feel" of a classic Ladder Filter type. We've also inserted physical models of exact circuit components to add a truly organic and warm sounding bass. All of our algorithms and synthesis are custom programmed by people who are musicians, so you know the sound will be tailored and crafted to please, even the most pickiest of bass lovers. 

We have also created our own wavetables called Phat Tables™. If you know anything about the physics of a wavetable, you should be able to hear that at a certain point they can sound very thin. Well our new technology solves the age old issue of aliasing by using a multi-sampled approach so that each slice is a rich table and retains the full frequency response without band-limiting. Now you combine this with automation of the phase, and unlimited modulation and it makes for some amazing synth bass sounds. 

Stacking and Layering

Stack up to four sounds at one time and all with their own separate layers, splits, and zones. Remember just one of our sounds can sound like 5, so stacking different bass elements makes for a super thick and meaty sound bass sound. If you're not looking for meat, then this plugin is not for you. 

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

Outstanding Effects from Overloud™

In partnership with Overloud™, we have the full version of the famous Vintage Keyboard FX Suite of effects readily available. We also have licensed a ton of other high quality effects, all with very lush, warm, and vintage sounds.

Many people already remember the VKFX suite from the electric piano dsays. Overloud® prides itself on creating the most accurate representation of the actual hardware, and meticulously  programming each transistor and amp down to the circuit level. These effects are included free within our Pure Synth® Platinum architecture.   

Also Sold Separately on the AppStore

Experience the same exact, sounds, presets, and samples on your iPad or iPhone Device. You can save sample space by storing samples on your external SSD or Thumb drive and experience ultra fast sample loading. Our iOS apps have the same user experience as the desktop. 

  • AUv3 Plugin Compatible

  • External Hardrive and Thumb Drive Storage

  • Universal iPad/iPhone Support


Customer reviews

Here from Our Amazing Musicians

The ultimate Synth Bass Plugin. In fact, we would venture to say that BASSaicious 2.0 is probably the best synth bass plugin ever created. We've deployed not only analog waveforms and wavetables, but we've also included high quality streaming samples that you can mix and match. We've also included many high quality multi-mode filters, feedback, 22 digital effects, and an extensive modulation system to make BASSalicious 2.0 the end all be all synth bass plugin. 
What's New in This Version
  • 400 High Quality Presets (300 More Presets)
  • 458 Brand New Sounds and 8,315 Samples
  • 165 NEW Wavetables, including Warm Wavetables™
  • Added new electric and acoustic bass samples as well
  • Band NEW Easy to Use Preset System with quick saving and recall
  • Ported over Version 1 Presets
  • Version 1 Presets are 100% compatible
  • NEW 22 high quality digital effects
  • NEW SubHarm module to mangle the subharmonics
  • NEW Detune module for subtle analog detuning
  • NEW Feedback module for instant warming and feedback effects
  • NEW Multimode Ladder filters with added drive effect
  • NEW Modulation System
Synthesizer Highlights
  • New easier and flexible Preset System with Fast search, loading, and saving.
  • New Lightening Fast Loading Streaming Engine with Custom Lossless format for better streaming.
  • Better CPU Optimization (Especially for Mainstage and Logic ProX).
  • Brand New optimized and better quality sample-set sampled through high quality analog gear.
  • Warm Wavetable Technology
  • Custom wavetable algorithm to keep waveforms warm and analog sounding
  • Modulation System with an easy right+click modulator assignment schema. 
  • A VA circuit modeled State Variable Filter, giving a warm analog sound.
  • Ability to Ctrl+Click and select multiple oscillators in which to edit.
  • JP-8000 Supersaw Unison/Detune with blend option to be able to blend between regular and JP-Like detuning
  • Powered Scale Option - Scales the detuning in a unique and playable ways
  • The Blend Option allows you to blend between classic mode and JP SuperSaw mode.
  • Brand New FX System
  • Dynamically and Graphically position FX signal flow in virtual racks.
  • Separate Oscillator FX sends for Reverb and Insert FX.
  • Featuring Overloud's VKFX Suite.
  • New Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb.
  • New Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb.
  • New Soft Master Limiter with Tube Saturation.
  • New Stereo Spread/Widener with Safe Bass Multi-Mode Settings.
  • Custom Impulse Responses taken from high quality reverbs:
  • ASR-10/DP4 from the Ensoniq hardware.
  • EMT-44 Delay.
  • Lexicon 200 Digital Reverb.
  • Lexicon 480X Digital Reverb.
  • Lexicon PCX900.
  • NBA.
  • Roland DEP3 Echo.
  • Roland RE201.
  • Rare Spring.
  • Large HD View and the ability to resize.

What You Get

Library Size:

2.04 GB (1.6 GB Lossless Compression)


400 Presets, 458 Sounds, 1,000 Wavetables

Sample Resolution:

44 kHz/16-Bit Recorded at 88.2 kHz


3-Activations Per License; Requires Internet to Activate; Ability to Reset License through Manager

**This is not an iLok product, so please do not try to register via iLok. It is a normal serial registration.

High Speed Internet

High Speed internet greater than 300MB/s required. Wi-Fi Hot spots or hubs will not work.

System Requirements

    • Runs in Standalone and/or VST/AU/AAX
    • Does not use iLok and No iLok Authorization Used
    • Internet connection for the license activation
    • Supported Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.12+ / Windows 10
    • Mac M1 Native Support
    • Solid State Drive (SSD) Required
    • 8 GB RAM or Higher Required
    • i7 Processor or Higher Required


      Supported Plugin Formats:

      Audio Units, VST, AAX, Standalone

      Tested DAW Compatibility:

      Digital Performer 8+, Pro Tools 11+, Logic Pro X, Mainstage 3+, Cubase 7+, Ableton Live 8+, Studio One 2+, Garage Band 6+, Reaper 4+, Reason 9.5+, FL Studio, Reaper 4+, Sonar.

      (Does not Support Machine)

      Skill Level Required:

      Our software is not for novices in music and computer technology. This software assumes that you know how to extract zip files, know where your downloads folder resides, understands how to connect MIDI, and Audio. Prior VST/AU plugin knowledge is required. 

      Download User Manual

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is this product shipped or is it digital download?

      All of our products are digital downloadable and are processed immediately upon purchase. You will receive serials, download links, and detailed video instructions on how to install. 

      How many computers can I activate at one time?

      You can activate up to three computers at one time per one user. Please remember that virtual machines count towards an activation. You can always login to your profile and deactivate your activations. 

      If I purchase the desktop, will I get the iOS for FREE?

      Unfortunately, there is no connection between the online store and the iOS store. If you want the iOS version, then you will need to purchase that separately. 

      What is your return policy?

      Due to the nature of the product, we cannot offer satisfaction refunds, due to the plethora of video demos of the sounds. We do, however, offer refunds if you just can't get the product running on your system.

      Is your software compatible with M1 natively?

      Our software does work with the M1 Mac in Rosetta mode, but it is does not have native M1 support. We do, however, have plans for this in the future.