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CME U6MIDI Pro - MIDI Interface

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About this item 

  • [Computers] Plug-and-play MIDI interface via one single USB-C port, compatible with all major OS including macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux and Chrome OS. 
  • [Standalone] Standalone 3-in-3-out MIDI interface with MIDI router, mapper & filter. Easily configure MIDI split/thru, merge, filter out and reassign any MIDI message via the free software tool (Win/Mac). 
  • [Professional] Close to zero latency and no jitter, supports all MIDI channels and messages including notes, controllers, clock, sysex, MIDI timecode and MPE. 
  • [Accurate] No data error, no bleeding midi, no signal dropout. High-precision wired transmission with high-speed optocoupler for error-free synchronization with digital piano, electronic drum, keyboard, synthesizer etc. 
  • [Service] Trusted people-centric online 24/7 support via cme-pro(dot)com/support with lifetime updates via UxMIDI Tools software (Mac/Win) and hassle free 1-to-1 warranty replacement.


1x U6MIDI Pro 

1x Start Guide 

1x UxMIDI Tools Software Free Download

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