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OWC Thunderbay Flex 8 Thunderbolt

FLEXible Storage 

  • Eight drive bays: use a mix of U.2/M.21 NVMe and SATA/SAS2 drives for up to 128TB of capacity and real world speeds up to 2,750MB/s
  • Future ready: top four bays can use U.2 SSDs…the emerging M&E industry storage standard
  • Powerfully easy RAID: create, manage, and monitor advanced RAID sets with SoftRAID

Docking FLEXibility 

Power your notebook with up to 85W power delivery while capturing multi-stream hi-res footage at full frame rate. Connect audio and video mixers, digital camera, keyboards, and charge mobile devices via one USB-C and two USB-A 10Gb/s ports. Ingest and work with 4/8K RAW video and RAW photo files immediately at speeds up to 985MB/s with frontside SD 4.0 and CFexpress card readers. And if all that’s not enough you can, daisy-chain up to five additional Thunderbolt 3 devices! 

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About this item 

  • Eight universal 3.5/2.5-inch Drive Bays use SATA/SAS and U.2/M.2 NVMe drives for up to 144TB of capacity and real-world speeds up to 2750MB/s. The top four bays can utilize U.2 SSDs 
  • Convenient front mounted USB-C and (2) USB-A 10Gb/s ports for peripherals and mobile devices. Frontside SD 4.0 and CFexpress card readers with up to 985MB/s speed 
  • Future ready: top four bays can use U.2 SSDs, the emerging M&E industry storage standard 
  • PCIe x16 connector/x4 lane slot for audio/video capture, networking, SSD storage, hardware RAID card, or I/O card 
  • Create, manage, and monitor advanced RAID sets with SoftRAID, the world's most advanced RAID management solution with easy setup, e-notifications, and drive integrity monitoring. (RAID 4/5/1+0 (10) is available for Mac only at this time.)


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