8-Bit Expansion
  • Classic Arcade Souds from the 80's

  • 8-Bit Classic Sound Quality

  • Special FX and Sequenced Patterns

  • Requires Pure Synth® FREE Player

  • Can Run without Factory Content


Pure Synth® 8-Bit represents a sneak peak into the amazing programming, modulation, and synthesis features in Pure Synth® Platinum, while at the same time giving you the classic arcade sounds of the golden era in video game technology. From pac-man, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Frogger, we faithfully recreated those classic “chiptune” sounds from those iconic game consoles. 

With 4-oscillators, unlimited modulation assignments, and delay functions, our Pure Synth can, essentially, act as a 8-track sequencer. In fact, 99% of the entire library is Pure Synthesis by using wavetable and analog oscillator technology. Finally, our Degrade bit crusher effect is responsible for emulating an amazing representation of the legendary 8-bit sound that is indicative of the sound sources of that era.