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Activate GM Expansion Products

The product you purchased is a GM Expansion product, which means that there is no specific product download. The expansion product is activated from within the Base Product (e.g. Pure Synth® FREE Player, MIDIculous FREE Player,Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2) Make sure you do the following:


  1. Login and Download the Newest Version of the Base Product from your profile here.
  2. Make sure you get the correct serial number from your product area and that you are using it.
  3. Hit the RFRESH button on the expansion banner and go to SETTINGS--->DOWNLOAD--->REPAIR  and choose Refresh Purchases and Installed Files.
  4. Make sure you have deactivated any Proxy Servers, VPNs, Internet Protections, and/or Firewalls.

Full Activation Video
How to Download Content
How to Activate Expansions
  1. Login to Your Account Area Here. Here you can access the NEWEST version of the installer and the serial number.
  2. Download either the Pure Synth® FREE Player or MIDIculous FREE Player depending on which expansion you purchased
  3. Install the FREE Player installer
  4. Use the Serial Number on your account. Please make sure you actually login and use the serial on your account.
  5. Go the expansion you want to activate and click Refresh.
  6. Download the Samples for the expansion if Applicable by going to Settings—>DOWNLOAD and looking for the expansion. Click the Download Button.
Reasons Why Expansions are Not Working
  1. Always make sure you have downloaded the newest version of the base software. If you have an old version of the software, then it could be that the expansion requires the newest version of the software. Click Here to access your downloads with the newest version. Please note that you may need to uninstall the current version. On Windows use the System’s Uninstaller. For Mac Please use the following uninstaller app HERE.
  2. You may be using the wrong serial number. You can verify that you are using the correct serial by going back into your profile Click Here and using the serial number that is associated with the expansion.
  3. Your computer is blocking access to the activation server. Make sure you are connected to the internet and make sure you disable any Proxy Servers, VPNs, Internet Guards, and/or Firewalls.
  4. You purchased from a third party vendor. In this case, you need to register with us and download the newest version.
  5. You are trying to activate your expansion inside of the DAW. Sometimes DAWs block connection access to the server, so try to activate using the Standalone and not through the DAW as a plugin.
  6. You did not hit REFRESH in order to push the activation.  Or go to Settings and Repair.
  7. Last Resort, try Deactivating the License and Re-Activating it again.
List of Video Resources and More Help

- Unlock Expansions from Pure Synth® - Video Here
- How to Activate GM Expansions - Video Here
- Expansion Upgrade Explained MIDICulous - Video Here
- There is no Download for Expansions - Video Here