GM iFX Rack Digital Effects Rack

Full VKFX Effects and Presets w/ 10 Additional HQ Digital Effects

  • 27 High Quality Effects

  • Includes All Overouloud™ VKFX Library

  • Includes 94 VKFX Factory Presets Recreated

  • Ability to Import VKFX Presets

  • Moveable Rack Buss Positions

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  • iOS
Absolutely the most exhaustive FM, Dyno, Crystal, Tine, Bell, and electric piano library ever created! We spent the last year building a brand new synth architecture crafted from the ground up to present to you the most amazing and inspiring FM TiNES libary ever created. It's packed with 30GB of only electric pianos, bells and pads. Never before has there been such a huge library dedicated to the most beautiful sounds you've ever heard.
Highlights and Features:
  • 27 High Quality Effects
  • 94 Factory Effect Presets from Overloud's VKFX Suite
  • Ability to import VKFX effects presets
  • Resizable Interface
  • Advanced Preset Handling
  • Favorite Preset option
  • Moveable Rack bus positioning
  • Master Volume
VKFX Effects Included:
  • Compressor - Compressor is modeled on early optical style compressors to make it sound more clear and not as muddy
  • Auto Pan - Uniquely designed after tine based styled panning styles for greater exaggeration in the depth and stereo panning. Uniquely coupled with a “hotrod” preamp, with vintage tones built in
  • Auto Wah - Classic 70’s envelope follower Wah that can be automated and can act as a Touch Wah, that reacts to the variations in input levels to open up or close the amount. Three modes gives you all of the Wah effects needed. 
  • Delay - Tape and Echo Delay inspired with various options. We give you both styles in one Delay unit. The effect uses intelligence tape simulation algorithms, which reproduce both the compression effects and frequency response of analog tape. 
  • Chorus - Three different chorusing modes very reminiscent of the classic 70’s ensemble circuit found in the string machine. It was designed specifically for warmth and sounds especially amazing on keys
  • Pre-Amp - Classic twin channel valve amp simulation, with built in EQ curves reminiscent of the 70’s sound. Mimics the response of the classic speaker and cabinet of the times full of life and warmth. 
  • Phaser - Modulating a comb filter gives you amazing phasing as the filter cutoff frequency is swept. You can very the degree of harmonic cancellation and reinforcement. If more than one has shifting circuit is used, the more complex the sound. We use a 4-stage circuit, as did the most popular vintage stomp box phasers in the 70s
  • Overdrive - Focuses on the overdriven valve sound of the 70s of a Leslie amp and speakers. Actually this was done quite often. Musicians would drive their instruments through a Leslie speaker just for the the amazing valve distortion. Our Overdrive is modeled after this. 
  • 3-Band EQ - Modeled after vintage style electromechanical 
  • Spring Reverb - Twin channel valve amp with integrated 2x12” speaker cabinet spring reverb
Other GM Effects Explained
  • Master Limiter with Soft Clipping and Tube Saturation
  • 11-Band EQ
  • SUB Harm - Sub frequency modulator/enhancer
  • AMP Combo and Speaker Simulation
  • Degrade - Sample Quality Bit Reduction
  • Detune - Pitch Shifter Thickener
  • Rotar - Rotary Speaker/Leslie simulation with physical modeled parameters
  • DimenD - Dimension D Chorus emulation from the MKS-20
  • DISTORTIT - Nasty Distortion unit
  • Stereo Widener Chorus - Turns any mono sound into a stereo with slight warm chorusing
  • ST Widener Enhancer - Enhance stereo signals with Safe Bass frequency option to keep mono and two spread modes
  • Amp Sim - A convolution IR with popular AMP Simulations
  • FVerb - Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb
  • MVerb - Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb
  • Spring Reverb - Rare and vintage spring reverbs
  • Flanger - Warm Flanger effect
  • FantasyVerb - A convolution reverb containing iconic spaces and analog reverbs such as:
  • LEX200 | LEX480X | RLND RE201 | RLND DEP3 Echo |EMT 244 
  • NBA Lush | ASR-10/DP4 | Exotic Places | Special FX


What You Get


94 Presets Converted from the VKFX, 27 Digital Effects


3-Activations Per License; Requires Internet to Activate; Ability to Reset License through Manager

**This is not an iLok product, so please do not try to register via iLok. It is a normal serial registration.

System Requirements

    • Runs in Standalone and/or VST/AU/AAX
    • Does not use iLok and No iLok Authorization Used
    • Internet connection for the license activation
    • Supported Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.12+ / Windows 10
    • Solid State Drive (SSD) Required
    • 8 GB RAM or Higher Required
    • i7 Processor or Higher Required


      Supported Plugin Formats:

      Audio Units, VST, AAX, Standalone

      Tested DAW Compatibility:

      Digital Performer 8+, Pro Tools 11+, Logic Pro X, Mainstage 3+, Cubase 7+, Ableton Live 8+, Studio One 2+, Garage Band 6+, Reaper 4+, Reason 9.5+, FL Studio, Reaper 4+, Sonar.

      (Does not Support Machine)

      iFX and GM iFX Rack Explained

      When you first purchase Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2, it comes with a VST/AU version of iFX Rack, which is a separate effects plugin that works in your DAW/Sequencer. It comes with all of the effects from the VKFX effects suite, but does not include the other GM effects. 

      In order to get all of the 27 effects that comes with the iFX Rack included with Neo-Soul Keys® Studio, you need to purchase the iFX Rack Expansion and you will have all 27 effects for your DAW or Sequencer. 

      If you are not interested in Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 sounds and just want the effects rack, then you can purchase the GM iFX Rack as it’s own product and it will come with all of the 27 effects, which includes the VKFX and the GM effects. 

      So in Summary:

      • Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 comes with iFX Rack with ONLY the VKFX effects, and the additional effects come as an expansion pack
      •  The GM iFX Rack comes with all of the VKFX and GM effects in one bundle. 

      iFX Rack Expansion Notes

      iFX Rack Expansion will not come with any downloads. When installing Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2, it already comes with the iFX Rack WITHOUT the extra effects unlocked. After you purchase the Expansion pack, our system will automagically find your Neo-Soul Keys 2 serial and unlock the expansion. If it is not unlocked, then go into Settings and License Tab and Refresh. 

      Experience the same exact, sounds, and presets on your iPad or iPhone Device. When you first purchase, it includes all of the VKFX Effects. An IAP will unlock the other HQ digital effects. This version works for your iPhone and iPad.  

      • AUv3 Plugin Compatible

      • Includes the VKFX Presets

      • Universal iPad/iPhone Support