iFX Rack Expansion

Expansion for Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2

  • Unlock 17 New Effects for iFX Rack

  • One Click Unlock Once Purchased

  • Becomes your All-in-One FX and EP Library

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Receive all of the additional effects for the iFX Rack plugin that comes with Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2. When purchasing Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2, it comes with the original 10 VKFX effects rack as a dedicated VST/AU/AAX plugin for your DAW, but there are 17 additional GM effects included with our Pure Synth Architecture. This expansion will allow you to unlock all of the effects for a mega effects system:

  1. Master Limiter with Soft Clipping and Tube Saturation
  2. 11-Band EQ
  3. SUB Harm - Sub frequency modulator/enhancer
  4. AMP Combo and Speaker Simulation
  5. Degrade - Sample Quality Bit Reduction
  6. Detune - Pitch Shifter Thickener
  7. Rotar - Rotary Speaker/Leslie simulation with physical modeled parameters
  8. DimenD - Dimension D Chorus emulation from the MKS-20
  9. DISTORTIT - Nasty Distortion unit
  10. Stereo Widener Chorus - Turns any mono sound into a stereo with slight warm chorusing
  11. ST Widener Enhancer - Enhance stereo signals with Safe Bass frequency option to keep mono and two spread modes
  12. Amp Sim - A convolution IR with popular AMP Simulations
  13. FVerb - Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb
  14. MVerb - Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb
  15. Spring Reverb - Rare and vintage spring reverbs
  16. Flanger - Warm Flanger effect
  17. FantasyVerb - A convolution reverb containing iconic spaces and analog reverbs

Please note that this expansion requires Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 in order to work properly. This expansion will not work without this version being authorized and installed on your machine first.