MIDIculous 4 Pro Expansion

Unlock All Features of MIDIculous

  • Requires MIDIculous 4 FREE w/ Serial Number

  • No Download Necessary - Automatically Unlocks

  • Unlocks Features from the FREE Player 4

  • Description
  • Which Version?
  • Specifications
  • How to Unlock

Unlock all of the features to MIDIculous and gain the ability to:

  1. Create LMS and LMV files for students
  2.  Host MIDIculous as a VST/AU/AAX plugin in your DAW/Sequencer
  3. Ability to Detach all instruments and resize them
  4. Ability to change keyboard to 61 and 48 key version

How to Unlock?

  1. Download MIDIulous FREE Version
  2. It will come with a serial number
  3. Purchase the Expansion and it will automatically unlock
  4. Follow the unlocking instructions that come with the download

FREE Version

  • Ability to load .LMS and .LMV files from teachers
  • Able to Receive MIDI input to view instruments
  • Cannot load video, audio, or MIDI files.
  • No Plugin Version
  • No Detach Option (Except for MIDI Organz and MIDI Drumz)
  • No Access to 61 or 48 key version

Player Version

  • Able to Play All Media Files
  • No Ability to Detach instruments
  • No Access to 61 and 48 Key Versions
  • No access to VST/AU/AAX Plugin for your DAW or Sequencer

Pro Version

  • Unlock All Features
  • Adds the ability to create LMS and LMV files for students
  • Ability to Detach all instruments
  • Access to 61 and 49 Key versions
  • Adds VST/AU/AAX Plugin support

Computer/Hardware Requirements

  • Intel i5 or Higher
  • 8GB RAM or Higher

Software Requirements

  • Mac OSX 10.12 or Higher
  • Windows 7 or Higher
  • 64-Bit Only


  • Loads as a plugin within your DAW
  • Compatible Format: VST/AU/AAX
  • 64-Bit Only


  • Serial Number Authorization
  • Internet Required for Authorization
  • Requires an active Network Adapter
  • 3 Activations Per License
  • No iLok Required
  • Not compatible with iLok (Don't try to register via iLok)

The way it works is that you download the Free version of the NEW MIDiculous 4 (The old Version 3 won’t work) and unlock the Pro or Player Feature. If you do not already have a copy of the MIDIculous 4 with serial, then this expansion will not work. There are no downloads or no software to download. Our system is automatically programmed to unlock the expansion pack inside of MIDIculous 4 FREE player. MIDIculous 4 Free is the only version needed. Purchasing this expansion unlocks features in that version, if and only if, you purchase them together or you have already purchased it. Our system needs to look at your MIDIculous 4 serial to automatically unlock it. 

After purchasing,  you simply go to the wrench icon (Settings) and then License. Hit Refresh and the expansion will unlock.