Neo-Soul Stage EP

Sample Library for Yamaha XS/XF/MOXF/Montage/MODX

  • Montage/MODX Can Read XF Files Natively

  • No Native Montage/MODX Files

  • Not Compatible with ES

  • Digital Download Only

  • Description
  • Montage/MODX
  • Yamaha XF

Our new Neo-Soul Stage for the Yamaha Motif XS/XF is probably one of the most exciting Electric Piano emulations. Unlike the Suitcase version, the Stage version is very dirty, grimy, and full of character. We simply sampled the Mark I old dirty stage that we have at our home. All of the tine sounds, uneven notes, clanks, and bangs are there. If you are sick of a super clean and perfect and unrealistic sounding EP, then this one is for you. Our samples were taken directly from the Kontakt and UVI version, so you know you're getting the same quality. Our main goal was too literally mimic every single nuance to our Stage Electric Piano, so that when you take your XS or XF with FLASH to your gig, then you will know that you will be getting the same feel as a real electromechanical instrument with you. By the way...Did we say how dirty it was?


If you enjoyed the Stage EP in our Neo-Soul Keys® 3X, then you will love this one, because we made sure that it sounded exactly like the real EP. 

Load Motif XF Libraries into Montage/MODX

The Yamaha Montage is fully compatible with the XF libraries; as a result, you can use the XF format to load into your Montage

Here is a Video demonstrating how to load the XF Libraries in the Montage/MODX.

The issue with our library is that we load our Voices in User Bank 3 on the XF, because most people have custom user voices on User Banks 1-2 that they don’t want to overwrite, so out of consideration we use User Bank 3. 

On the Montage/MODX, when you select our Library it may look as if it may not show up, but you need to keep scrolling all the way down using the Arrows at the Bottom Right in order to skip past User Banks 1-2 and get to the Library sounds. 

Loading Samples into the Yamaha Motif XF 

  • Push the File Button.
  • Select the jFlash.X3A
  • Hit the Right Cursor Button on the XF 
  • Change Load USR to FL1 
  • Hit Load