No More Transpose
  • Complete Number System Cheat Sheet

  • All popular Chords and Movements

  • PDF And Spreadsheets in every key

  • Contains Audio Examples (No Video)

No more transpose is a culmination of tools that will quickly and easily allow you to play in other keys. All of the instructional DVDs on the market teach the lessons in one key and leave it up to you to figure out how to transpose all of the lessons in movements to the other keys. But what I realized is that no one has taken the time to actually show you step-by-step HOW to be able to play every each lesson in every key. Well, in this series, I did all the work for you by providing all of the chords and progressions necessary to allow you to play in all of your keys. The session also includes an audio series with MIDI that will give you my personal secret tricks and techniques. This download is not for those of you who don't want to work. If you finally....FINALLY wanted to become proficient in all of your keys, then this series is mandatory! 

  • I give you ALL of the Left-Hand/Right-Hand Chords in Every key to:
  • Preacher Chords
  • All scale Degree chords in the Play by Ear
  • Shouting Bass Line Walk
  • Flatted Notes
  • ALL of the Most Popular Progressions