EDM Leads Expansion
  • 60 Presets of Classic EDM Leads

  • Multi-Stacked JP-Supersaw Leads

  • Good for High Praise and Worship

  • Requires Pure Synth FREE Player

  • Can Run without Factory Content

Welcome to EDM Leads for Pure Synth Platinum. This expansion pack contains 60 presets of the most iconic EDM Leads. If you ever wondered if Pure Synth was a true power house, then this expansion pack will really expose the true synth power. There are a few very fun and important aspects to this expansion pack that really stands out:
  • Custom programmed JP-Like Detuning script that will make every lead sound very phat, warm, and thick for that classic EDM sound. 
  • Virtually unlimited modulation sources of any parameter, including effects, which gives each sound a unique spin. 
  • We were able to mimic classic EDM sounds from the most popular EDM plugins, which means that you can use Pure Synth for all of your electronic music needs.