Straight Gospel Vol 1 Bass Jam

Jam Along Tracks for Bass Players

  • 6-Jam Tracks to Play Along To

  • Increase your Chops and Timing

  • Tracks With and Without Bass Player

  • Use Tracks for Social Media Posts of Skills

  • Includes Sheet Music of Original Bass


Six Authentic feeling Gospel Choir Style backing tracks for your bass jamming pleasure… Use these tracks to help you get a better feel for Gospel music. This pack includes a total of 12 mp3 files of the songs with and without Jermaine Morgan’s bass take. Hear how he approaches these tracks, and then feel free to create your own approach. Use these tracks to enhance your YouTube, Facebook, and other platform performance videos.

Live music arrangements all produced by Jermaine Morgan… featuring Brien Andrews on drums and Joseph Tiggs on Keyboards.

This bass jam-pack focuses on contemporary gospel choir styles influenced by artists such as Richard Smallwood, Ricky Dillard, Donald Lawrence, Lonnie Hunter, Bishop Andrew Merritt and the Straight Gate Mass Choir, The Mississippi Mass Choir, The Georgia Mass Choir and many others who have contributed to the sound of Contemporary Gospel.