Gospel Jams LMS
  • Requires MIDIculous FREE Player or Higher

  • Includes Loops of Each Section (Not Lessons)

  • Rip Chords for Greater Ear Training

LMS Lessons for MIDIculous Free Player


Our LMS construction kits contain 5 movements in all. Each LMS contains the complete audio track so you can hear the movement, along with the individual MIDI track per instrument (excluding drums). All of the parts are there and you will be able to learn all of the musical parts of the movements by seeing the keys, score, and chord names. You can change the key, slow-down, speed-up, isolate the learning part, and even practice along with a different key color. There is nothing like a dose of inspiration and now you can get all of the chords you've dreamed of with LMS lessons for MIDIculous.