PhatFilt Filter for iFX Rack
  • Complete High Quality Filter

  • Ladder and Analog SVF Models

  • Includes Analog Feedback Loop

  • Dedicated Drive and Rez

If you know anything about any synth bass plugin, you know that one of the most important feature is the FILTER section. We spent considerable amount of time modeling our filter section to match the responses and "feel" of a classic Ladder Filter type. We've also inserted physical models of exact circuit components to add a truly organic and warm sounding bass. All of our algorithms and synthesis are custom programmed by people who are musicians, so you know the sound will be tailored and crafted to please, even the most pickiest of bass lovers. 

We have also created our own wavetables called Phat Tables™. If you know anything about the physics of a wavetable, you should be able to hear that at a certain point they can sound very thin. Well our new technology solves the age old issue of aliasing by using a multi-sampled approach so that each slice is a rich table and retains the full frequency response without band-limiting. Now you combine this with automation of the phase, and unlimited modulation and it makes for some amazing synth bass sounds.